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I don’t know if I should try it… It might work

“I don’t know if I should try it…
It might work.”

I want to legalize freedom

“I want to legalize freedom”

The best thing about starting from the bottom – is there’s only one direction to go

“The best thing about starting from the bottom is there’s only one direction to go.”

Little beat big, when little is smart. First with the head…

“Little beat big, when little is smart. First with the head, then with the heart.”
– Geil Peet, The Power of One

Leverage, it’s anything… it’s EVERYTHING…

“Leverage, it’s anything…

You can’t go broke making a Profit

“You can’t go broke making a Profit…”

The most powerful person in the world, is the person who lives without fear

“The most powerful person in the world is the person who lives without fear.”

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2 found.

Mike Conder

“I have known Shawn for ten years. I have found that his commitment to people, and his dedication to his work is outstanding.”

Lisa Johnston

“I have known Shawn for a few years. When he came to my office this year to share what he was doing / where he was going, I immediately saw his businesses are like the Campbell’s Soup company that began in the Depression. He takes lemons and makes lemonade and if you give him extra time he can probably turn the lemonade into something total different! I enjoy his success because he is truly helping others.”

Farshad Najafpour

“I enjoy doing business with Shawn Petree because he not only has provided me with solid investment properties but he does it with integrity and honest communication. He is loyal and committed to succeeding in helping my portfolio grow and bringing a flow of opportunities to his investors. I trust his guidance and expertise.”

Mike Stanley

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Shawn for over 30 years. He has always been a hardworking and dedicated individual to his job and family. He has committed himself to his profession by making sure he is educated with all of the recent and updated changes the housing and home loan markets. If you get the opportunity to work with him you will not be disappointed.”

Donna Jeffries

“As an Agent it is utmost important to have a good work ethic. What I was drawn to with Shawn is his ability to follow thru immediately. His integrity is most impressive. In the world of Real Estate it is most difficult to find that. So when you stumble across someone like Shawn you hold on to that contact and keep them close in your circle of business.”

Oscar Soto

“Just wanted to thank you, all the help you provided to me and my familly… We are very happy with the property you helped us aquire… My kids are happy and I would highly recomend your company… Again thanks!!”

Pete the Greek

“Shawn Petree – This guy would help a complete stranger on the street. A big plus in Phoenix, something you just do not see to rarely in this day and age! Oh, I didn’t mention he is bi-lingual as well, that is sure to help out with someone who only speaks Spanish and not a whole bunch of English”

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